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Our Management Team

Welcome to our dynamic engineering team at Gilson Engineering, where dedication and proficiency converge to create outstanding results. Our structural, civil, and surveying engineers bring a wealth of expertise, ensuring that every project is met with precision and ingenuity. Fueled by a passion for excellence, our team collaborates seamlessly, delivering top-tier solutions that exceed industry standards. Committed to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction, we embrace challenges with an adaptable and client-centric focus. With a constant pursuit of knowledge and a dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, our team at Gilson Engineering stands as a reliable partner for all your engineering needs.


Engineering your Future

In 1950, Templeton Link & Associates (TL&A) began. They offered engineering and surveying services to clients along the Wasatch Front for 40 years. In 1991, Larry Gilson, a project manager for TL&A, purchased the company and Gilson Engineering was born. Gilson Engineering continues to offer civil and structural engineering services as well as surveying services. We also provide construction management services. Gilson Engineering is a Utah corporation licensed to do work in Utah.


We consider institutional, economic, legal, and social intervention when approaching a project, not just engineering solutions. The first technical solution might not always be the best solution for the owner because each project is unique.

Above all, we work with each client to offer solutions customized to their circumstance. We believe in offering a team with solutions and having thorough and accurate plans as this is critical to the success of any project. However, our team is flexible with changes as plans move forward.

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