GIS Services

We are proud of our friendly GIS -living plans- that cities and service districts have benefited from for 19 years and that can be easily updated as development changes their communities. An accurate GIS can help you determine where critical needs exist and help ensure that funds are allocated to the most critical needs first. Many communities have benefited from our GIS solutions. We have assembled a team of experienced GIS specialists that have a long history of experience in their specialized fields.

Our firm is familiar with the advantages of using GIS technology in the modeling of utility systems and is well qualified in providing the services required for setting up and managing a city-wide system. Gilson Engineering feels that having the full spectrum of employees makes the information for the GIS system more valuable and reliable. Our firm has a good working knowledge of what is essential for our clients GIS systems.

Our staff has overseen the implementation of GIS systems throughout Utah and Idaho.

Services Include:

  • Infrastructure Evaluations Studies
  • Road Inventories
  • Long-range Transportation Planning
  • Water Resource Planning
  • Ground Water Explorations
  • Well Head Protection
  • Water Rights Inventories
  • Hydrology Studies
  • Watershed Analysis
  • Natural Resource Studies
  • Environmental Studies and Analysis