Residential Neighborhoods

Los Colinas Subdivision

Los Colinas Subdivision


  • 198 Lot Subdivision
  • 5000 to 8000 ft.2 Lots
  • Located in St. George, Utah
  • Included: Offsite Transmission Sewer Line and Park
Triple Crown Subdivision

Triple Crown Subdivision

  • 61- 1 Acre Lots
  • Summit Development
  • Located in Heber, Utah
  • Included: Lake Creek Flood Insurance Study (FIS), Hydrology and Hydraulic Analysis, Channel Stabilization Design and Trail System
Copperfield Subdivision

Copperfield Subdivision

  • 127- 10,000 ft.2 Lots
  • DR Horton
  • Located in West Jordan, Utah
  • Included: Barney’s Wash Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR), Hydraulic Analysis, Channel Stabilization Design and Transmission Sewer line
Homesteads Subdivision

Homesteads Subdivision

  • 1200 Residential Lots, 50 Acre Commercial Sites
  • Master Plan Development
  • Complete Infrastructure, Including Sewer, Water, Storm Drain and Land Drain
  • Two Roundabouts
  • 60″ Storm Drain Design
  • Four Miles of 16″ Force Main Sewer Transmission Line and Two Pump Stations

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