Cottonwood Heights City

City Recreation Facilities

  • Dog Park
  • Trails
  • Trail Heads
  • Amphitheater
  • Park and Ride
  • Parking Lot Expansions
  • Landscape Improvements
  • City Monuments

Studies, Reports and City Standards

  • Stop Sign Study
  • Proofing, Obtaining, Transferring, Reviewing and Water Rights
  • Source Protection Plans
  • Cost Benefits
  • Storm Drain Evaluations
  • FEMA Investigations and Studies
  • Traffic Studies
  • Capital Facilities
  • Impact Fee Development
  • Zoning and Development Code Amendment
  • General Plan Amendments
  • City Codes and Engineering Standards

Street and Infrastructure Improvements

  • Waterway Reconstruction
  • ADA Ramp Installation
  • Bridge Improvements
  • Road Widening
  • Road Crossings and Crosswalks
  • Road Safety Improvements
  • Storm Drain Upgrades

City Reviews

  • Subdivisions
  • PUDs
  • Annexations
  • Rezones
  • General Plan Changes
  • Conditional Use Permits
Cottonwood Heights GIS

Cottonwood Heights GIS

Traffic Solutions

Traffic Solutions

Storm Drain Investigations

Storm Drain Investigations

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