Cottonwood Heights City

Gilson Engineering is currently the City Engineer for Cottonwood Heights City. In this capacity we help the City oversee all development. Our expertise helps those who are contemplating new construction or redevelopment in the City and we welcome your comments and concerns. We have been involved in the following projects within the City:

City Recreation Facilities

  • Dog Park
  • Trails
  • Trail Heads
  • Amphitheater
  • Park and Ride
  • Parking Lot Expansions
  • Landscape Improvements
  • City Monuments

Studies, Reports and City Standards

  • Stop Sign Study
  • Proofing, Obtaining, Transferring, Reviewing and Water Rights
  • Source Protection Plans
  • Cost Benefits
  • Storm Drain Evaluations
  • FEMA Investigations and Studies
  • Traffic Studies
  • Capital Facilities
  • Impact Fee Development
  • Zoning and Development Code Amendment
  • General Plan Amendments
  • City Codes and Engineering Standards

Street and Infrastructure Improvements

  • Waterway Reconstruction
  • ADA Ramp Installation
  • Bridge Improvements
  • Road Widening
  • Road Crossings and Crosswalks
  • Road Safety Improvements
  • Storm Drain Upgrades

City Reviews

  • Subdivisions
  • PUDs
  • Annexations
  • Rezones
  • General Plan Changes
  • Conditional Use Permits

Cottonwood Heights GIS

Cottonwood Heights GIS

Traffic Solutions

Traffic Solutions

Storm Drain Investigations


Storm Drain Investigations

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