City of Saratoga Springs

Water Systems


  • Culinary and Secondary Water Master Plans
  • Two- 3 Million Gallon Concrete Culinary Water Tanks
  • 2 Million Gallon Concrete Culinary Water Tank
  • 38 ac-ft Secondary Storage Reservoir
  • 3600 gpm Secondary/Culinary Water Well Development
  • Shallow Wells
  • Well Upgrades
  • Transmission and Distribution Pipe Lines
  • Booster Pump Stations and Filter Stations
  • Pressure Irrigation reservoir

City Facilities


  • Parks
  • Marina
  • Trails
  • Pavilions
  • Restrooms

Water Rights, Ground Water and Hydrogeology


  • Water Rights Audits
  • Proofing, Obtaining, Transferring, Reviewing and Water Rights
  • Source Protection Plans

Waste Water Systems


  • 18″ Main Trunk Line
  • Sewer System Master Planning
  • Main Trunk Line Design and Review
  • Coordination and Construction Management

Storm Water Systems


  • Storm Water Master Plan
  • Detention Ponds
  • Storm Drain Upgrade Projects
  • Detention Ponds

Transportation Systems and Traffic Studies


  • Transportation Master Plan
  • Multiple Road Widening Projects
  • Review of Design
  • Feasibilities Studies
  • Applications for Funding

GIS Systems


  • Utility Systems

Secondary Reservoir





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