Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plan

The Gilson Engineering, Inc. Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Plan includes steps that all Gilson Engineering personnel are required to follow daily. These requirements safeguard against scheduling and budgetary overruns.


The purpose of the QA/QC Plan is to provide a simple method of monitoring project performance so that quality, along with budgetary and scheduling constraints are consistently achieved and maintained.


Prior to beginning each project Gilson Engineering management personnel meet to establish the project team and to outline the project schedule, identify milestones, and to assign tasks and responsibilities.

The QA/QC plan contains steps within the day-to-day scope of work that enables the project manager to identify potential, immediate, and future scheduling problems.


Responsible Professional/Quality Control – Quality Control will be accomplished by a senior engineer assigned to the project for the expressed purpose of double-checking all work. The quality control professional will be a peer or superior of the project manager and will complete and finalize the QA/QC plan checklist. The checklist helps to ensure that agreements, survey, drawings and specifications, contract administrations, and construction management steps have been executed properly.

Project Manager/Quality Assurance – Quality Assurance will be overseen by the project manager. He/she will be responsible for all phases of the project and will specifically ensure that:

  • The work preformed meets the client’s requirements.
  • The client and other interested parties are informed of the project status.
  • The public is notified and informed as required.
  • Regulatory requirements are met.
  • Industrial standards are met.
  • The project stays on schedule and within budget.

Project Team – All team members are trained on QA/QC plan requirements and guidelines. The key to the success of any project is the strict adherence to all requirements of the QA/QC plan by all team members.