Company History

Templeton Link & Associates (TL&A) was formed in 1950. This firm offered engineering and surveying services to clients along the Wasatch Front for 40 years. In 1990, Larry Gilson, a project manager for TL&A, purchased the company and Gilson Engineering was born. Gilson Engineering has been providing civil engineering, survey, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services since that time. The qualified staff at Gilson Engineering consists of professional engineers, engineers-in-training, surveyors, GIS specialists, and administrative personnel. Gilson Engineering is a Utah corporation and is licensed to do work in Utah.


2page-img1We consider institutional, economical, legal, and social intervention when approaching a project, not just engineering solutions. Projects must be sustainable in technical, financial, and organizational aspects. The technical solution might not always be the best solution for the owner. Our experience goes a long way to satisfy our clients in the long term.

Internal Policies

Gilson Engineering has published CADD standards and a published Quality Assurance & Quality Control Plan that guide personnel through tasks. These guidelines help the project manager and team members recognize circumstances that can be potentially destructive to a quality engineering and construction product as well as to the scheduling and budgetary success of any given project. For example, for each project task given to a project team member a specific time restriction is assigned in which that team member must accomplish the task. In project progress meetings budgetary and scheduling progress is discussed for each portion of the project. This allows each person to know where they stand in regards to the schedule and the budget and provides a level of project ownership for all team members and not just for the project manager. Note: A thorough and accurate plan set is critical to the success of any project. A tight set of specifications enhances teamwork and a cooperative relationship with the contractor.